TEMATEQ Explainer Video Services

Whiteboard Animation & Explainer Videos

Need a Video on your website home page to drive sales? Need an effective way to explain your products and services in your presentations? TEMATEQ team will help you craft a custom video which communicates your message while staying true to your brand and effectively connecting with your audience. We produce high quality explainer videos for clients and our reputation in the industry is second to none.   Want to work with TEMATEQ to build your explainer video? Send us a message or call if you are interested in getting started on a great looking custom explainer video now. Email: contact@temateq.com Call: (+237) 694 811 537


Virtual Reality

We uses computer to create a simulated three-dimensional world. We develop VR and AR apps for people to enjoy life in virtual world in domains such as:
  • - Real Estate
  • - Interior Design
  • - Education
  • - Health
  • - Entertainment


Responsive Websites And Apps

We design and develop mobile-responsive websites and apps for the best possible user experience. Mobile-responsive design provides fluid reading, easy navigation and adaptive interaction, which are all critical to your business. Ours is a one website, any device design philosophy to ensure that no matter the screen size, or device—current and future—your customers can consume your content with ease. Designing a responsive format enables your website to adapt and respond to the appropriate screen size of the device being used. Non-responsive sites just shrink content proportionally, which doesn’t create an optimized mobile experience. Responsive sites rearrange elements and content for smaller devices, which creates a better browsing experience.

3D animation

2D & 3D Animation

More than ever before, today’s businesses are realizing, the many advantages of using 2D and 3D animation to bring magic and sizzle to their message. TEMATEQ produces captivating 2D and 3D animation and graphics for advertising, film, television, engineering, oil and gas, architecture, website commercial videos, and other media from concept-to-launch.


3D Modeling

Our 3D Modeling service can be useful to many types of industries for the visualization purpose, The same 3D models can be utilized for brochure, technical document, presentations etc. We provide Engineering Model Visualization, Architectural 3D modeling, 3D Walkthrough Service.

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